Two guys and a dog making quality wood crafts at a reasonable price, customized for you.

Some Army friends with a woodworking hobby that got out of control. We have been making tons of stuff for friends and family, then going away gifts for some fellow Soldiers at work. Then we started making some furniture, then some clocks.

Matt and Steve made a clock for a great friend's wedding gift. It turned out much better than we imagined, and the newlyweds loved it. And so did their friend's... and the requests for more kept coming in.

So here we are. We started our company to make special hand crafted, high quality, wood decor and gifts at a reasonable price. Our goal is to exceed each Customer's expectations when the receive their order - pictures can only do so much, but feeling the higher quality and knowing they made a great purchase is what we strive for.

Thank you for reading our little story. Let us make something special for you!